Conversations with Spirit

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Question: I’ve been getting a lot of links sent to me where people are channeling dead celebrities who are offering wisdom concerning the anticipated rejuvenation and other anticipated changes. Can you give your input on these?

Council Member Jayda Nu: We are not going to deny that some advanced souls received public attention while in body and are now communicating and assisting mankind with their wisdom from the other side.  We only wish to point out that it is not as common as it may appear to those who are on the world-wide-web and attending channeling groups.  It is unfortunate that so many wonderfully gifted adepts have not taken the time or extended the effort to truly learn and develop the gift of discernment. As a result, the dark side is able to sneak in undetected and pose as a messenger of the light. Remember always that the entity you most commonly call Satan can and does perform miracles on a daily basis. We caution those who are channeling as well as those who are receiving the information that is being channeled to inspect it very carefully.  Meditate and pray on the information to be certain that it is coming from a high source.  So often the information is presented with 85 % truth and 35% falsehood interwoven.  One would think that the truth would outweigh the falsehood and all would be fine, wouldn’t one?  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Even 1% falsehood can taint and redirect the outcome of a situation.  If enough people on the planet are led to believe the falsehoods that are mixed and mingled with the truths presented by adepts it can completely shift the vibration of the planet and alter not only the future of the human race but the future of all life as we know it. Is there to be rejuvenation in the future for mankind and the planet?  We anticipate one but must wait to see if the conscious of man does not shift that outcome.  This is not meant to be a negative, but a positive for just as your thoughts can prevent something from occurring they can also create an occurrence.   We strongly urge you to flock a little less around these adepts that are dominating the thought flow of mankind with little thought to discerning the legitimacy of their claims and gather together in groups to combine your energies and thoughts to create and maintain the betterment of all life on the planet. If you desire rejuvenation then gather together as a collective and pull it to you.  If you desire the planet move more quickly into the next dimension, join as one to make it happen.  You have so much more influence and control over the outcome of your life than you could possibly imagine. Relying on adepts who focus on gaining wisdom and inspiration from those who have departed and often have not had time to balance themselves enough to progress to the point where they themselves can provide accurate and helpful guidance can be, and often is, counterproductive. Sadly, it is discovered too late. We know and understand the fascination and joy that many people have with communication with those on the other side of the veil; in particular with their loved ones. Often this communication provides closure and solace.  Because the loved one you are reaching out to connect was personally known to you, it is very easy to discern whether you have reached that person or not. We are not discouraging you from this act as it can and does have great therapeutic tendencies for those who are still living.  What we are asking you to do is to remember that these souls have shed their bodies but not anything else.  They often do not have the resources needed to obtain the information you desire and therefore will pass on to you what they have heard and deduced from what they have heard.  Please be aware that in order for someone on the other side of the veil to be truly privy to actual fact of future occurrences and not just gossip … yes, there is gossip and speculation in the spirit home as well… the spirit must be at a very high level of development while in human body as well as in spirit.  Look closely at the celebrities and loved ones that are being touted by adepts as providing guidance for mankind and discern whether they lived a life of high vibration.  If not, then the odds are very strong that the dark side is taking advantage of the desires and the ego of the adept and providing some, but not all truth in the guise of the celebrity in order to sneak in the desired shift of man’s thinking to prevent the rejuvenation and other occurrences that would mean its demise. 


Friday, September 05, 2014
Council member Telia: Life in the land of Lemuria began as a time of joy, laughter and much love.  Many years (as man measures them) had to pass for pollution generated by the dark side to set in and begin the downward spiral of man.  Initially, man walked and talked with the angels, elementals, gods and demi-gods.  As the planet grew more and more polluted, a veil between the kingdom of man and the kingdom of the angels, elementals, gods and demi-gods developed and slowly thickened over time. 

The thicker the veil, the less man's ability to see and interact with those on the other side of the veil.  Man's interaction with those on the other side of the veil became a distant memory that eventually turned into a myth or bedtime story for amusement of the young.  Man found himself in a position of having to exercise "faith"; something that had not been needed when awareness, knowledge and wisdom was at his fingertips.  Lucifer's minions stepped in to create confusion and havoc as Man struggled and experimented with the proper method of exercising this new sensation of faith.  These minions took advantage of the confusion and inserted themselves in positions that would trick man into believing he was interacting with a being of the LIGHT; guiding him falsely down a path of pseudo-godliness.    This practice is still in effect today.

The methods for discerning whether or not a being or guru is truly of the LIGHT are quite simple.  These methods have been introduced to man repeatedly over time by Masters who have volunteered to incarnate into the physical in an effort to bring man back to his original state and stop the war that began so long ago.  These masters arrived in many forms; some of them became famous through history, other did not.  But all had an important message for the salvation of the souls on Terra.  No matter the language these messages were delivered in, the core remains the same.  LIGHT does not tolerate the negative.  Therefore, dear ones, if your leader is suggesting a method of "returning to GOD" that involves judgment, persecution, misuse of ego, blood sacrifice, or the like, this leader is not guiding you down the correct path.  Following such a leader will jeopardize the progress you have made thus far and may actually set you back further on the path, if not cause you to tumble off it altogether!  The fullness of the fourth dimension with souls who have tumbled is increasing as Lucifer's minions perfect their efforts.

Although we understand and appreciate the desire to congregate in worship of the Creator, we wish to remind you that your progression on your path is an individual progression.  You and your guru must allow you the right of individuality in order for your progression to occur.  Your needs may not be identical to those of your brothers and sisters who have chosen to follow your spiritual guru.  The Councils that we spoke of in our previous message are made up of beings from various vibrations and galaxies.  Although we have reached the state of Mastership, there was a time when we too worked through the steps of progression (for it is a process all souls must follow) on Terra or another planet; exercising and utilizing our gifts of discernment and wisdom until they are strong and solid.   We place our gifts of wisdom and discernment before you now, for it is our greatest desire to see our brothers and sisters succeed to reaching the level that we have reached and then go beyond.

It is important to recognize and remember that Lucifer's lust for power is not isolated.  In our last message we mentioned that there have been rebellions in the past on other planets that are much older than Terra.  They house beings of the highest intention as well as beings seeking the same power that Lucifer seeks. Some have joined forces with Lucifer, some are working on their own.  Because of this, it is important to exercise your gifts of discernment and your connections with the LIGHT prior to interacting with the extra-terrestrials who are actively making their presence known under the guise of assisting mankind.  Some will be presenting themselves truthfully, but more often than not it will be falsely.  Relying on ego to guide you instead of your connection with those who can see more clearly beyond the veil and have already accomplished that which you seek could be an enormous mistake; not just for you on a personal level, but collectively for your brothers and sisters and Terra.

The veil that had thickened so heavily is rapidly being chiseled away, making it easier for man to once again be aware of our presence and less dependent on "faith".   Although this is a joyous time, it is also a time where the dark forces will step up their efforts for victory.  For, once the veil is totally removed and the brothers and sisters on Terra have returned to their original state of Light-ness, the battle is won and the war is over.

We urge you to spend the necessary time on yourself to keep your bodies in alignment with the LIGHT and to drink up as much wisdom that is directed to you by the LIGHT.  Your goal of getting off the wheel of reincarnation and ascending is attainable.  It will take dedication and the use of your inherent gifts of discernment (as well as ours) but it can be done.


Friday, September 05, 2014
Council Member Urla-Ra: Although planet Terra (earth - often referred to as Gaia)  -a living, breathing entity- has been in existence long before the creation of Time. Man, as we know him, has only resided on it for a comparatively short period.  Terra has been the home for a variety of dominating species prior to the arrival of Man. 

There is but one Creator, the Almighty One- for the Universes, galaxies and planets.  We are the children of this Creator. Our original spiritual form is that of the Creator.  Because the Almighty One desires that we grow and progress, we are given opportunities to utilize our inherited and inherent gifts of creation.  The intensity and complexity of the opportunity awarded each of us is determined by the particular rate or level of vibration we are at a given moment.  These opportunities range from something so advanced as designing and overseeing life on a particular planet to becoming the simplest of life species in existence.  No matter the manifestation we create at the time, be assured that ultimately, our roots and the roots of our creations are within the core of the Creator.  There can be nothing without first the seeding of the Creator.

We will address our intentions to that of Man, since it is Man who we are assigned to assist and care for at this time. 

Lucifer managed to recruit a suitable number of followers for his mission before being cast out of the ruling house and finding a new home within the bowels of Terra's vibrational core.  He then began his focus of recruiting the life that resides on Terra; using his advanced creative skills to place animal life amongst those that already existed to assist with his plan of infiltration.  He was not, however, able to duplicate the body of Man, because it housed the souls sent forth by the Almighty One.  The only thing he could do was to manipulate, convince and sway -through the use of Man's free will- man to worship him as Lord.  The Beings of Light who had been assigned to Terra were taken by surprise and Lucifer's success in the beginning was so effective, he was able to co-mingle with Man and alter his composition.  The Beings of Light who had been assigned the privilege of overseeing Terra and its inhabitants recruited their own army. and set out to thwart Lucifer and his army.  Thus began the war over Terra.

Through the centuries, battles have been won by both sides.... yet the war still rages on.

The pollution that has occurred as a result of Lucifer's efforts has effectively reduced man's vibration and altered his intelligence and comprehension level. This adjustment keeps man chained to the cycle of reincarnation upon this planet with very few breaking free and moving onward. Even so, all is not lost.  There has been assembled many organizations, such as the Council of Twelve, to assist with finishing the war over Terra and the freeing of souls from the repetitive life cycle.  These organizations are filled with beings with purity of hearts intent; not to mention wisdom and courage.  Some have already experienced and won battles of a similar nature - remember, it was stated earlier that Lucifer is not the only rebellious child of the Creator. 

As man interacted and bred with Lucifer's followers, the gifts that were bestowed upon him were misused.  He began experimenting with the laws of creation, combining man with species or species with species.  Many of your mythical creatures, such as mermaids, unicorns and dragons were very real at one time.   Upon the shifting of the planet's land and water masses, many were made extinct while others were removed to another planet.  There were a few stragglers left behind which have proved good feed for the adept storytellers.  

Although Terra's auric field is constantly being mended, the pollution that is being poured into it has created weak points or portals for the Dark side to utilize for acquiring the manna (fear) needed for survival. -Where the Light thrives on Love... the Dark survives on Fear-   One of the largest portals lies over the Middle East. 

It is the intention of this Council, and of others similar to us, to bring mankind's consciousness, awareness, understanding and vibration back to the state of purity that existed in the motherland.  For the sake of symbolism, we will refer to ourselves as the White side and Lucifer and his followers as the Dark side.  Both the White side and the Dark side seek dominion over Terra.  The difference is that the White side was assigned the task while the Dark side is attempting to usurp it.  Through messages delivered by way of our Beloved, we will do our best to assist Man in returning to that blessed state of purity that was intended for him.
hen Man was placed upon Terra, in the motherland of Mu, he interacted and lived quite freely amongst the Creator's other beloved children..  At this time, man’s body was androgynous, light and unpolluted.  With the placement of Man on Terra came the appointment of a new overseer for her and all life upon her.  Several equally qualified candidates applied for this privilege.  One of these candidates was the being most commonly referred to by mankind as Lucifer.   Lucifer so desired this privilege, that when it was not awarded to him, being of free will, he vowed to take it instead.  There have been others who have defied the creator's will, but it was long, long ago and has no impact on Terra or her inhabitants.  Lucifer's defiance, however, does.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Question: I watched a documentary about aliens that stated there were million of planets out there that naturally evolve human form. Is this true?
Council member Urla-Ra:  Yes, this is what I mean when I say a core within the core. Everyone on earth has roots in another place in space. Earth is not the first and only planet in which the one Creator placed the human life form.  With all of the souls birthed by the Creator desiring and expecting the life experience, combined with the concept of reincarnation, can you imagine the congestive and crippling overload this poor planet would experience should that be the case?
Question:  Are these the aliens that are coming to earth?
Council member Urla-Ra:  : Not always.  Very few of your human relatives have come to the planet earth for thousands of years.  The beings that are dominating the study of your planet and its inhabitants now are of a different type of species.  We have little if any dealings with them for they do not resonate with our vibration or thought process.
Question: Did you ever work with our human relatives on other planets.
Council member Urla-Ra:  Oh yes, we have and still do.  We too have our core roots on these planets.
Question:  Does this mean that when we reincarnate we go to other planets instead of back to earth?
Council member Urla-Ra:  Rarely.  Each planet is designed to offer a specific set of lessons for your spiritual growth and progression. It is rare that a spirit in the planet’s reincarnation cycle will break free from that cycle and move on to another planet. 


Sunday, August 31, 2014
Question: Can you explain why people who have near death experiences come back with different versions of what’s in the beyond?
Council member Urla-Ra: This is an easy, yet complicated topic.  The souls upon this planet have many roots within the one core root.  That core root being the Creator.  Just as your planet has various continents that spring forth a varieties of human life with various skin tones, blood type, body type, so do the dimension house varieties of homes for the spirits that select and choose the genetics and life experiences available on the planet earth for its own particular growth path.  Because these souls have the same core root but not necessarily the same root, it will return or experience a slightly varied reality on the other side in accordance to the vibrational reality it experienced in life.  All are truth.  All are correct.


Saturday, August 30, 2014
Question:  What do you mean when you talk about other locations? 
Council member Marc: I have often heard you say to a fellow human, “how pompous can we be to think that we are the only ones in the Universe” and I have smiled at your wisdom.  The Universe is a complex place with a multitude of dimensions operating simultaneously with life of some sort.  In order to observe many of these lives one must transcend earth to a different vibratory level or dimension.
Question:  Hmmm, the spacecrafts…. Are they transcending from other dimensions?
Council member Marc: That is often the case. 
Question: If that is only often the case, does that mean that there are spacecrafts from our own dimension flying around earth?
Council member Marc: Yes. There are dimensions of the planet earth that are so close in vibration that with something as simple as a few beats of a note the veil between them can be transcended. It is from these dimensions that many of the visitors to your planet dimension come.  True, they are not exactly from the earth’s dimension that man experiences, but they are not completely removed from it either.  Because of their advanced ability to manipulate vibrational energy, they are able to see and experience your level of the planet’s dimension even while you are not able to do the same in return.  Many walk amongst you unseen by the majority of the populous that has yet to develop the skills and abilities necessary to make that minor vibrational shift.  For those who can make the shift but who cannot understand what is occurring, cries of alien visitation ring out.  [sigh] Then there are those who have the ability to make the shift needed to see and communicate with those you call aliens. Sadly, due to the fact that the planet’s populous is not yet developed to understand and accept as a whole, humans who have developed this ability either remain silent or speak out only to be deemed abnormal and un-sane.
Question: Is this the same dimension that earthbound spirits go to?
Council member Marc: We would like to with hold discussing earth bound spirits for another chapter since it will require an entire chapter to truly explain.
uestion  Okay, that’s fair and also exciting to anticipate. I’d like to ask if all of the life in the other dimensions is aware of us or if only some are aware of us.
Council member Marc: It pleases me to see your memories surface enough for you to question in this manner.  The answer you seek is “no”, although there are living creatures in other dimensions that have advanced beyond that of mankind, there are also those who are have not yet reached your level and capacity of understanding and comprehending.  This does not mean that they don’t occasionally transcend the dimensions.  The vibrational shift needed is so minute that even not understanding how to do it is not absolutely necessary.  Some make the shift by sheer accident, just like humans do.  When this happens, they can be frightened and fearful of the experience. 
Question:  This brings to mind the mystery of Big Foot.  I’ve always thought that the reason they can’t find a Big Foot is because they live in a different dimension.
Council member Marc: You would be correct.  Many of the creatures of folklore actually live in these other earthly dimensions not experienced by man. When they cross over and have the misfortune of being discovered, then the hunt for them begins.  Because of this, most of the creatures of folk lore have opted to remain in their own dimension even though they still possess the ability to transcend.  The creature you call big foot has not yet made the decision to do so but is contemplated just this possibility should the attention become too great and their safety severely jeopardized.
Question: Can you tell me what other folklore creatures are or were real?
Council member Marc: Let it suffice to state that most folklore creatures have a foundation of truth. Because man’s level of comprehension and intelligence has waxed and waned over during his inhabitance on earth, he has determined that if it cannot be seen, heard and touched it is a figment of imagination or folklore. The planet has shifted in vibration and consciousness to the extent that many found themselves no longer compatible with it and it was necessary to vacate this dimension in order to survive.  This type of exodus happens in cycles.  Many religious call it the ‘end of days’ when if fact it should be termed the ‘end of cycles’.

Qeustion: When they leave, where do they go?  Is it to the same place we go when we die?
Council member Marc:  This is an easy, yet a complex question. Just as we on the council originate from various dimensions and locations, so do those who occupy the bodies of life on earth.  Because of this, when a life entity discards the earthly identity, it may choose to return to its place of origin or move into a dimension totally foreign to it.  It all depends upon the progress it made while here on earth.


Friday, August 29, 2014
Once upon a long ago
In a lifetime far away,
Our paths met, our friendship grew
And you beckoned me to stay.
We vowed that our new friendship would outlast eternity.
Our spirits joined as one as we journeyed destiny.
But, as everything must end some day
So our lifetimes did not last.
But our bonds were tight…strong…true,
And our spirits held steadfast.
It soon came time to start anew
And you quietly cried your fears,
“Will we meet again?”  “Of course,” I said
As I gently dried your tears.
My memory fades with every hour
As I start my life brand new.
But though time may alter many things,
I’ll always know it’s you.
‘Til we meet again.

This poem was written through me in nineteen-eighty-three.  I thought it was about reincarnation.  In a way, it is.  But it’s about so much more than being reborn in the flesh.  It took me years to come to the point of understanding this enough question it. 
The turning point was when my first born came to me.  I asked him what it was like to die and he told me it was like waking up from a lucid dream. After contemplating what this truly meant, I asked the council if they could elaborate on my son’s statement. For the purpose of this book I will once again ask the council if they could elaborate on my son’s statement and record it verbatim as I’m able to receive it for you.
Council member Star: What you deem as death is merely a shedding of a physical identity that you have chosen to wear for a while.  You enter into it knowing full well that it is a temporary identity.  Think of life as you would your pseudo reality video games. You enter into the game of life with the challenge of not losing your memories along the way, for if you retain those memories you understand why you would not wish to remain housed within the flesh of the body for an indefinite period of time.
Like your video game, life has many obstacles, pitfalls and opposing forces that try to keep you from your memories. If they succeed, you are not able to progress to the next level and must start again.  The time between ending the one game and starting the new one is spent in your true reality.   Because of this, it is not uncommon for you to recall your time in the physical as a distant memory or, as your son put it, a lucid dream.
Question: So, are you saying that we live in a different dimension than the one we enter when we are born and that it is a game?
Council member Star: [chuckle] Yes and no. Yes, your true home is in a different dimension.  No, it is not a game.  I used that analogy simply for the purpose of explaining. It would be a far better analogy to compare life to a school because that is what it truly is. It is an opportunity to advance and educate yourself in a variety of ways. I chose to use the video game analogy simply because of the visual it offered for the explanation of opposition.  Attempting to explain an opposing force trying to keep you from learning in a college setting would have been far more difficult.
Question: For years I interpreted the poem that was given to me by Urla-Ra in nineteen-eighty-three as a poem about reincarnation, but it’s not, is it?
Council member Star: It is about meeting up with those you love and interact with in all dimensions, whether it be that of home, that of earth or that of another location.  Inevitably, your paths will cross at some point.